Time passes….will I? will you?

Chauna and I in Hawaii

On the 22nd of December 1958 the fine couple of Bob and Marilyn Gilson brought a 10 lb baby boy into the world. My mom recently told me that I was a happy boy growing up, and suggested that for the most part that happy attitude has sustained me through the first 50 years. I know the odds are long on me seeing a second 50 years but my oh my the first 50 have been busy. In no particular order:

The Beatles – Lennon killed while I was on my honeymoon part II

Kennedy (John and Bobby), Ghandi, Martin L King Jr,

The Cuban missile crisis, the FLQ crisis, Munich Olympics, Cold War end, Vietnam, Afghanistan I, II and III, Iraq I and II, Twin Towers I and II,  Nixon, Mandela, Obama, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Gorbachev, Thatcher and Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II…there probably should have been a Gore in there somewhere.

Computers – the Apple, Apple IIe, IIc, Mac, Mac SE, IMac, Ibook, IPod, Itouch, IPhone (I’ve owned all of these except the IIc….)


Global warming and 50 below winter work days – a bit of a contrast really.

NASA – the moon, Apollo 13, Neil Armstrong,

Mission to Japan

Marriage to Chauna

Children – Steve, Brent, Shannon, Sara, Amy and Shayne, one grandson- Masen, two grand daughters Alaina and Nia, Two daughters in law – Janae, and Julie, two sons in law – Eric and Ryan.

Peace Bowl championships and defeats each teaching different lessons along the way, National championships, silver and bronze – again each teaching lessons along the way.

Provincial game wins and losses

Boise State and Utah winning BCS games –

UCLA and Wooden – lots of Wooden reading

12 years in the Stake Presidency – lots of talks – lots of great people

The Internet

ITunes…did I mention that? Supertramp live 3 times?

Ted Talks – Love the range of topics and inspiration

BYU Speeches – A great collection of devotionals

Bachelor of education – U of Alberta, Masters of education – U of Alberta, Doctorate of education – in progress through the U of Phoenix

A 2011 Warriors Football season that taught me so much that is both good and challenging (other posts will explore this)

27 years in education the last 15 in administration and a recent change in assignment that provides even more opportunity to learn.

All of my six children have graduated from high school – beat the odds on that, and as of this writing are healthy and enjoying their own challenges and I’m certainly grateful for that.

I wonder what it is that we are meant to take from the tests that come our way, the opportunities that come to be of service to others, and the frustrations we experience when unexpected events significantly alter our plans and our lives.  I suspect that while we may have some understanding of our purpose in life there will always be a bit more than we fully understand.

Time passes, the years march by and opportunities come and go, and through it all as I reflect back on the last 30 years I suspect I’ve let the balance swing too far toward work and too far away from family. It’s not a position I feel alone in; fact is I probably have too much company, but if I’m to pass I suspect it’s the family that will be doing the real grading that counts and it’s time to cram for that exam.



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