Relationships enhance learning

It doesn’t really matter who we interact with, how many students, children, friends, players, whatever the group it isn’t about the quantifiable measures it is in the qualitative, the feelings, that we leave a lasting impression AND provide the invitation to work together.

Curriculum is important, that’s for sure and it is another of those quantifiable components in the process of education but in the end it is about the people. It isn’t enough that “teaching” brings me joy, it needs to be about the joy those I interact with get in the process of learning.

Always a bit dangerous to look too far back in the movie world but we do tend as older people (I know speak for yourself) to remember the past with a bit of gold around the edges that maybe wasn’t quite so…this 1984 film “Teachers” reminds us who the schools are for and that all of us have room to learn a little from our successes and our failures.

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