Addiction, what’s my paradigm?

I find myself recently challenged about some of my thoughts, previously held dispositions around addictions and addicts. Having watched a couple of Ted Talks recently, and in consideration of some of the students and adults I work with IN ADDITION to reflecting on my own approach to Golf, Football, buying/reading books, and work this is really an area where the more I know the more I need to know more.

I’ll come back to this one but I’m using this post more like a short electronic bookmark/bookshelf.

Gabor Mate (author of “In the realm of hungry ghosts: close encounters with addiction”)  in addition to talking about addiction ties in the piece of responding to Trauma – what it is we need emotionally that we’ve somehow convinced ourselves can only be filled by our “addiction”.

What about the addiction to power, the addiction of those who are focused on getting “stuff” at the expense of others or making up for some real or perceived shortfall.  Insecure/inferior – historical examples discussed would open the door for a wide range of conversations.

Johann Hari provides further examples particularly about the void that addiction fills and how punishment – the go to move most often employed in our schools and countries – may be missing the mark.