Football Coaching

Quick access to a few key points for the Football Coaches Clinic – Guide for the football clinic:

Starting point:

What does the word “coach” mean to you? What are the characteristics you’d like to have others use to define a “coach” based on your actions and your words as a coach?

In conversation who were the best coaches that worked with you, think this through one more time but replace “coach” with “teacher”

Why do you want to coach? What are you giving up time with family and friends, work, and personal play to accomplish by coaching?

Why do your players want to play? What is their motivation? Does that motivation change the further of the playing scale you go? Motivation as 7 year old and motivation as  a 17 year old?

Why do parents want your players to play? What do they expect from you? Is it the same for all?

How will you build positive relationships with players, parents, referees?

Making Ethical Decisions: Choose Wisely

Page 14-31 of the Reference manual and Page 3-11 of the Workbook

What are the factors that influence our decisions?  How can we ensure we are being ethical in our decision making?

The 6 Steps of Ethical Decision making:

1. Establish the Facts

2. Decide if it is a legal or ethical decision

3. Identify your Options

4. Evaluate Your Options

5. Choose the Best Option

6. Put it into Action

Plan, or Prepare to be Frustrated

Reference Manual pages 32-71  Workbook pages 12-25

The logistics of a complete practice plan
– Key questions to consider when planning a practice – WB #12
-Risk Management – Read p13 and complete p14 WB

Appropriate structure for your practice – different stages of the season, different ages

Appropriate activities for each part of the practice

Emergency Action Plan –

Teaching and Learning

Performance vs Learning RM73

Dimensions of Learning RM 74

For the most part all of us learn in all three ways, but we also all have areas of strength and areas that call for more growth and attention.  The players who are your most cognitive will see relationships, angles on the field in a way that the affective learner will miss, but the affective learner will have a different spirit in the course of practice and game that will inspire the cognitive and that amazing athlete will use those exceptional motor skills to do great things when supported by the other strong learners.  Affective



Self Esteem RM 76-79

Learning Styles and your players- how does that affect your coaching and planning

WB 26 – 33

Analyze Performance

RM 90

WB 34 – 40

Every drill, every repetition even of every drill calls for you as coach to have your eyes on what you are looking for from the drill.  If there is a coaching point related to where the hands should strike the bag, then watch the hands, if you are looking for hips to fire through and follow the arms ripping to initiate a tackle then watch and report.

Tell your players what you are looking for, help them watch for it in others so that they can process what they are trying to accomplish themselves.

As you move up and start using film, film in practice and games, the ability to analyze performance is clearly enhanced – teach what to look for, and remember learning doesn’t take place until behaviour changes.

Safe Contact

Heads Up Tackling Video from football USA

And Bobby Hosea’s Video on proper head up, safe tackling

Helmet Fitting Video

Visit this  site for further information on concussion awareness. 

Here is a link to a wallet card for concussion safety:

Concussion Awareness USA Football

You can get this app for your phone/android device and have the library of USA football videosapp image

The Work of the Game

Offensive System

Defensive System

Defensive systems can either react or dictate the action.  Developmental issues come into consideration here much like the early stages of basketball.  Do we press, do we play zone, do we play man to man what will allow for the development of the athlete and the understanding of the game.


Numbered off based upon number of lineman/linebackers 43, 34, 52, 25

Man to man coverage

Zone concepts

Blitzing – why, what level,

Special Teams

Position Work


Defensive Line

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