Offensive System

Keep it simple and to the level of your play.  Don’t let your enthusiasm drown the kids in too much.  Pee wee with the fly offense for that level – fly left right, fly dive, fly lead, later in the season, fly cross, with the first two or three pass plays….and done.

Here’s an excerpt from an article on the difference from college to pro:

How complicated is it?

Well, at BYU, his huddle call for a basic pass play would involve two words, usually a color and a two-digit number.

With the Dolphins, who use a lot of shifts and motion, the call could involve eight to 10 words or phrases, each signaling a specific aspect of the play.

For example, a Dolphin play call might require the following wordplay:

1. A phrase identifying the initial shift

2. The name of the formation

3. A tag word identifying what motion leads to the formation

4. A protection scheme

5. Receiver pass routes, a three-digit number

6. A tag word identifying adjustments

7. A call identifying what a back is to do

A Dolphin pass play might sound like this: “Scatter-Two Bunch Right-Zip-Fire Right-273-Pivot-F Flat.”

Payton Manning play calling

Aaron Rogers and Green Bay

Just the first minute or so of this conversation with Jon Gruden and Cam Newton

What do you need to call a play?

Formation – if you use more than one

Type – Run, Pass

Information that tells everyone WHO is getting the ball and WHERE they are supposed to go.

Numbers and names that make sense.

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