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27 years in education, the last 15 in administration, over 30 years coaching football. Father of 6, grandfather of 5 and counting on a few more ;-)

Stay humble and kind…

  A lady by the name of Lori McKenna wrote the song as a list of things she wanted to make sure she told her children. Not a bad list of things for all of us to remember particularly when … Continue reading

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Change – Redesign – Rethinking Schools

I recently had the opportunity to present to three sessions of high school students who indicated that they might want to be teachers. Close to 80 high school students 5 young men and 75 young women (that’s something to be … Continue reading

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Addiction, what’s my paradigm?

I find myself recently challenged about some of my thoughts, previously held dispositions around addictions and addicts. Having watched a couple of Ted Talks recently, and in consideration of some of the students and adults I work with IN ADDITION … Continue reading

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Failure is a moment…and then you decide

It has been far too long between posts. I could write about the many things that have been going on; the work, the family, the dissertation, the life, but really in the end I just haven’t made it a priority … Continue reading

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This life is a time to….

We have this life on this earth, may last a day, may last 115 years, but this is the life. ¬†What we do not get are “do-overs” in the sense that yesterday was and yesterday will not be again. This … Continue reading

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A Christmas thought…with hopes of Peace for all.

In the days ahead Christians in the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world born as the son of God, the Father to earthly parents Mary and Joseph. ¬†Other celebrations of the season and … Continue reading

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Stress Buster ….Embracing the Stress…and Providing the Service

It is not uncommon to feel a bit stressed. I frequently hear of students who suffer from stress, or anxiety – heck throw a math exam my way – never mind that it’s a grade 6 math test and watch … Continue reading

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What Kind of Teammate….

As the commissioner of football for the Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA) I had the opportunity during the weekend of November 21-22, 2014 in Lethbridge, with winds sustained for much of the weekend in the 20mph/40km range with gusts exceeding … Continue reading

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Robert Matthew (Bob) Gilson Dec 10, 1937 – June 28, 2014

On Saturday June 28th Bob Gilson moved on to his next stage in this eternal journey. Bob had been formally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in March of 2012 but had been demonstrating elements related to memory loss and the early stages … Continue reading

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Doubt and Fear

There are days we might question what we have to offer, or perhaps it is just that we do not realize that the capacity within us is far greater than we believe and as a result we question the extent … Continue reading

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